Founded in Miami in Summer 2013, Fall Semester brings together a diverse group of theorists, critics, researchers, and interested individuals to engage in multifaceted discourse on contemporary society and culture available across multiple platforms.

Fall Semester is the project of a group of artists who have collectively developed an organizational strategy to unite the contributors’ discussions into a cohesive program providing a platform for both speakers and attendees. The project arose from their concerns with global issues which have influenced their individual practice and research.

Testing what can be achieved in a sped-up production of discourse, Fall Semester invites noted artists, theoreticians, critics, curators, and cultural practitioners to discuss ideas, then in turn calls on the participants to, in the format of a dialogue, develop a conversation from their respective positions. This initiative is in many ways an experiment in what can happen when new material—like a bomb-drop of new data—is rapidly introduced into local rhetoric.