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Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Fall Semester invites you to its second iteration of public lectures and open forums happening from Nov. 16—18, 2016

In this era where there is no place on the planet that is not environmentally affected by our hand, it is debatable to articulate the world outside of us. In turn, in a time where technology networks, reroutes and splices our self-projections while systematically atomizing our immaterial labor, we are challenged in the way we map our self-legitimacy. All of this biological and technical fusion, yet we find ourselves in a time of increased social and economic fracturing.  This arises the necessity to explore ways of obtaining and defining identity.

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Fall Semester has structured its second iteration around four thematic lines: Written by the body: on body, gesture, marks and space; Let’s get deep: The space of the systemic: on power bases as medium; Imaging me and you: on image and performativity; and Intimacy with the cosmos: on ecologies of the non-body.

So in the now twenty-first century:  Where do we come from?  What are we?  Where are we going? 

Fall Semester brings together a diverse group of artists, theorists, critics, researchers, and interested individuals to engage in multifaceted discourse on contemporary society and culture. Through public lectures and a digital platform, the second iteration of Fall Semester addresses current intersections of what constitutes the self. After discussing Miami as a globalized city in its inaugural session in 2014, Fall Semester now turns its focus to the city’s inhabitants, those directly affected by current social and economic change.

Written essays by visiting and online contributors Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Dorothea von Hantelmann, Metahaven, Victoria Ivanova, Lisa Marie Blackman, Federica Bueti, Zachary Cahill, Biljana Ciric, Dora García, Gertrud Koch, Roc Laseca, Ramón Salas, Allison Schifani and David Lyttle, Patrick Staff, Marcus Steinweg, Ian F. Svenonius, Andreas Töpfer, Lewis Warsh, and Jamieson Webster, are available for print on demand. They will be also posted online for free preview.